Too much fun today with these lovely ladies๐Ÿ’• (at Scott Creek Beach)

I want to take care of you so bad and make sure you have your breakfast every morning or wake you up for important appointments just to hear you say you donโ€™t want to go in your sleepy voice, tired with night and cave in so I can cuddle you back to sleep. I want to make sure you come home to a great spread of dinner, or wait for you at the bus stop with steaming hot coffee when you get off work. I want to help you do your work even if it means late nights with no sleep. Damn it, I want to even do your laundry, fold your clothes and leave love letters in the sleeves of your favourite sweater so youโ€™ll find it when you put in on.

I just want to be yours so that I can take care of you, and be your safety net to catch you whenever you just need to let go of yourself.

I love you.

But life wonโ€™t let that happen.

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that california sunset

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